A little more about me



Outdoor activities are a perfect date idea, as it allows us to reinforce our bond and while conquering challenges together. I love going on romantic hikes or spending time camping under the stars. My foodie side has also led me to appreciate the city's vibrance. I have a hearty appetite for good food, and I enjoy trying new cuisines. I love enhancing my knowledge about different cultures by visiting museums and seeing architecture. If you’re seeking action and adventure, I’m the perfect date for you. 

I'm always excited to try new things, but here are some of my favourite activities: 

What do you like to do ? 

I love to expand my knowledge, and develop new skills.

What do you do for a living?

Outside of being a professional companion I am a student in physiotherapy, which I take very seriously. My field of study is a great reflection of my personality; I'm communicative, caring, compassionate, and patient. As responsible and hard-working as I am, I still know how to have fun! I have a self -deprecating sense of humor, and believe that playfulness is an important part of any relationship. Finding someone who you can laugh with will reinforce your connection and make it easier to be vulnerable. When joy is a habit, love is a reflex.

Driven by my enthusiasm and devotion, I’m committed to making sure that you and I will have a unique moment together.


When I started working in this industry, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. It has helped shape me into a well-rounded human, achieving goals and personal growth. Being a companion brings me great happiness and satisfaction, while also improving my confidence and self-worth. 

my favs


Favourite Food

There’s something magical about using chopsticks. No matter where you go for sushi, you are sure to find plenty of options.


my favs

Favourite Vacay

The sounds of crashing waves, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, the smell and taste of the sea air- all your senses are stimulated. 



my favs


Favourite pastime

I love to go to the gym, do yoga, biking, and hiking. Sports give me an opportunity to set goals and gain a sense of accomplishment.


my favs


Favourite adventure

I climbed Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano. The high altitude, crevices, and pathways of snow and ice made this experience incredible!

Climbing Cotopaxi

my favs


Favourite outfit

Leggings are comfy, cozy, and extremely versatile; they go with everything !